Thursday, August 28, 2008

Busy Weekend

Sorry about the silence over the past couple of weeks, but we have been super busy. First off, this past weekend we were busy playing shows. Starting on Thursday we played at the Chief Crazy Horse Inn. A great show, the party was found at the Chief Crazy Horse Inn late into the night on Thursday.

On Friday we hopped over to the Auburn Alehouse and once again we had an amazing time playing for the folks there. Jordan Emmans was also around and graced us with a performance of several originals as well as some amazing covers. All of the people involved with The Auburn Alehouse are great people and a great time is had by all who are there.

Saturday we made the drive down to Sacramento and played at M.V.P. Sports Grill. This was an interesting show. We finally found out about the show that morning at about 10:00 am, drove down and were confronted with extreme negativism. The Art of Whimsy does not look like you typical band (i.e. drums, bass, guitar, and vocals). Instead we feature guitar, mandolin, percussion, and vocals, a lot of people don't see how we can get a place going and keep the people dancing and drinking. Normally people will at least give us a chance and never have they been disappointed. This show we were not given that chance. Even still we did what we do. The only person who seemed to not be enjoying the music was the person expecting your typical band. Oh well, they crowd had a good time, and that is who we are there to please.

After the late night Saturday we got up and drove all the way down to Bakersfield to play for our good friends at The Journey. Personally, this is one of my favorite places to play (minus the drive). The people in charge are super welcoming, generous, and friendly. This last trip they even gave us a little ice chest filled with drinks for the drive home. And the people that come to the show are sincere and appreciate that we are there to play music for them.

The open mic night on Tuesday was a great night. We had several familiar faces come back to share their gift. People such as our buddy Jim playing some old time country tunes, Jordan Emmans, Rich, and of course we were there. We also met some great new performers who are promising to come back again. Corrie and Jim from Sluicebox came in and played several acoustic sets, Mike played some killer thumb picking guitar. The people there were also privileged to see Rob Bonner perform acoustic guitar with his buddy Jim and old students Jordan and Nathan Emmans. The party was going until around 12:00 and we are hoping for a repeat performance this coming Tuesday.

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